East to Race "Prestigious" Endurance Event

For the first time in my life I will have the pleasure of donning a protective firesuit instead of the usual leather racing gear required for sportbike racing as I get ready to compete in the world renowned 24 Hours of Lemons!

But wait you say, isn't that supposed to read as LeMans? It's spelled right folks, we will be racing true lemons of race cars around the Road Atlanta Full Circuit on December 11th and 12th in long format endurance racing. Competing on team "Two Many Wheels" it is an honor to brush shoulders again with some washed up experienced and veteran motorcycle racers as we take to four wheels for the first time.

Lemons is an endurance event where teams are allowed to spend a maximum of $500 on their fire breathing race machines (budget does not include required safety gear) and try and make both man and machine last for the duration of the two day event. For our debut we will be competing in a 1990 Ford Escort, a vehicle known for world championships, excellent power delivery, and the occasional movie theater parking lot hookup sessions.

The team will consist of the following drivers:
James Turgeon - Team Owner, captain, and creator of bad ideas
Nate Tiuseco - Driver and only guy with any experience
Dylan Howell - Trackday Hero
James East - Breaker of Equipment

How unprepared are we you ask? The car is surprisingly well prepped with proper roll-cage, fire suppression system, and doesn't leak fluids so by Lemons standards I believe it's ready to go. Out of the team Nate has tons of on track car experience, being both a club level racer and instructor. Turgeon has at least one four wheel trackday under his belt. Both Howell and East (myself), are unknowns. From understanding my first time being on track on four wheels will be for my race stint. No practice, no shakedown, just thrown in the car ready to pursue glory.

The wonderful Maggie Hayden will be trackside recording all of our shenanigans via still frames and videos for post race content.

Thank you to all my friends across the globe, be it from my previous racing exploits to my sim racing friends, for supporting my addiction to adrenaline and generally poor ideas.

I'll do my best to not die and bring home the car in one piece!

- James East #355, washed up motorcycle racer turned Lemons Racer
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