New for 2022!

We are extremely pumped to announce a few new things happening here at Team Goon Squad for Season Two - 2022.

Paint Shop
With Andrew Neri leading the paint shop we will be open for requests for custom paints via the paint shop (which is open now!). Pick a car that you want to look as fast as you are, provide our top notch paint team with as much information as you possibly can and watch the magic unfold!


Setups and Coaching

It was a long time coming to this decision after how wildly successful the team has been over the last year. With top split wins, team endurance victories, personal bests, and a comically large amount of friends made along the way it was a foregone conclusion that an in house setup team absolutely had to be assembled.

Setup Team
We are extremely happy to have Jacob Feskanin and Justin Krizenesky joining our setup team with a multitude of car and track combos to be released for the upcoming 2022 Season Two.

Jacob Feskanin will be leading the SK Modified and Tour Modified setup division for this season. Feskanin, a fantastic setup builder, has been providing several of the front running Pro Street Stock Drivers setups for the second season and has proven what it takes to build setups and receive feedback from drivers to help drivers of all skills achieve their personal bests.

Justin Krizenesky, a top split hero who needs no introduction will be providing a multitude of oval setups this upcoming season, as well as select setups for our road division. Krizenesky understands that a razer's edge setup isn't always the best approach for a driver to find speed and doubly understands that a proper setup is only part of the equation for drivers to reach their goals.


Something I learned painfully late in my sportbike racing career is "You don't know what you don't know." After working with professionals such as Craig "Huey" Stewart at Talladega Grand Prix I realized how much time, effort, and money I wasted by showing up to races without a good coach and crew chief in my paddock. While I understood "why" things would happen on the track and with bike setup I did not understand the nuances that went into finding the additional time needed to run towards the front.

This changed with the help of trackside coaching. Learning how to properly understand track maps, data analytics, and how to speak in terms that directly applied to required setup changes was a huge step in setting personal best lap times. This is why we are incredibly excited to onboard several coaches with Team Goon Squad that will be able to help drivers smash through their goals. Sim racing aliens, professional racers, and trackside coaches all under the same virtual roof will be helping our drivers along every step of their journey.

Wanting to schedule a one on one hour session to go over certain corners on a track and find better times? We've got you covered.

Wanting to enroll in a weekly prep practice for upcoming official races, or league events? Our coaches are there.

Keep an eye on the Team Goon Squad website as coaching slots will be available by mid to late March of 2022.

Factory Support Program

All season packages will automatically enroll drivers into our Factory Support Program for 2022. Benefits include tweaks to setups to fit your driving style as needed, a direct line to the setup builders in our Factory Support Discord channel, as well as access to our in house practice sessions held weekly. Factory Support Drivers will additionally have access to our stats tracking bot to view their weekly progress in official events. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal bests no matter what stage of your sim racing journey you're on. 


Owner's NoteThank you to everyone who has made Team Goon Squad such an amazing place. Whether it's a group of friends turning laps together, meeting new people to run endurance events with, or just hanging out with like minded peers our group has grown exponentially over the past year and I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing family. You all have shared in my victories, you've been there for my downfalls and supported the dream every step of the way. Without my friends from across the world this wouldn't be possible.

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